Below are a few of the latest and greatest things from the boys in the corner store



Series Premiere of KART LIFE on truTV

Check out the series premier of Kart Life tonight 10/9c Jan. 28 on the new truTV! Racing dreams start early for this high-octane group of aspiring professional drivers. These kart-racing daredevils whiz 70 mph through hairpin turns — while navigating a sport fraught with danger, intense rivalries, and outrageous family drama, both on and off the track. Welcome […]



Saucy & Sweet for Cooking Channel

Check out Saucy & Sweet with Kelis at 8:30 p.m. Feb. 26 on the Cooking Channel! Music superstar and chef, Kelis Rogers, is about to drop her new album “Food” and it’s time to celebrate by hosting a dinner party for her inner circle. Kelis starts the day with her publicist to discuss the marketing strategy for […]



On The Rocks for Food Network

John Green knows bars. As a top-level consultant, he’s designed, staffed and launched some of the most prestigious bars and nightclubs in the world. Whether he’s shaking hands or shaking a martini, John knows the business behind the bar and now he’s bringing that expertise to struggling bars across America. John quickly assesses the location, […]



Big Boi in the Red Bull Studio

Bodega was at the Red Bull Studio in Santa Monica shooting a live performance video with Big Boi from OutKast. The theme for the video was “slick vintage” inspired by the movie Ray. Check out the final result…



Kelis Sizzle Reel

Bodega was on-location in the kitchen with Grammy nominated singer (and chef) Kelis shooting a sizzle reel for a new cooking show. DSLRs, EX1s and the A-team… The perfect recipe for high quality programming.



Red Bull Behind The Video

Bodega went behind the scenes for RUSKO’s latest video – Thunder feat. Bonnie McKee - which was a co-production between Red Bull and RSA Films. Shot in the Angeles National Forest amongst blistering temperatures, the Bodega boys offer viewers an up close and personal look at one of the world’s biggest dubstep DJs doing his thing.



Oribe Artistic Director Program

Each Year, Oribe Hair Care invites its member salons to a two-day hair extravaganza, providing an exclusive look at the techniques used by world famous hair stylist Oribe. This is the 2011 event in Las Vegas where Oribe wanted to give the audience something that was truly “him.”