Therapist & Social Worker - LOS ANGELES, CA

Keegan works as a therapist specializing in children and adolescents. His initial steps into the helping profession began as a volunteer for a non-profit agency named Gettlove that serves chronically homeless individuals.  Working in the streets with some of the most vulnerable members of society motivated him to continue his education and he received his Masters Degree in Social Work from California State University Northridge in 2015. It was during his graduate studies that he found himself interested in developmental trauma and working with children.  Keegan Hornbeck was named the Executive Director of Gettlove in November of 2017 and continues working with children in many diverse environments across Los Angeles.

Prior to his career in therapy, Keegan was a semi-professional rugby player in New Zealand. After an injury forced him to retire early, Keegan discovered a new life path in working with families and children. Keegan is married with three daughters with another one on the way soon.  He loves and embraces the city of Los Angeles and the vast spectrum of experience it provides. He loves playing with his daughters and letting them put make-up on him while also enjoying jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, rugby and going to punk rock shows.