EDDIE (dad), JULIE (mom), AIDAN (11) & ARIANNA (3)

Eddie & Julie say that juggling a family leaves them feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Their son, Aidan, has some developmental and learning disabilities, and Julie feels that she struggles with being consistent at making sure his needs are met.

Julie was verbally abused as a child, and she worries that she’s brought some of those negative experiences into her own family. Although she has made a conscious effort to be thoughtful of her words, she still fears that her kids may think that saying mean things to each is okay and normal.

Eddie & Julie also want to show their kids what a loving family looks like. They have the same routine everyday and they fear that their children will grow up to view their relationship as a roommate-type relationship. They also wish they could do more to bring some excitement into their home. Eddie & Julie love each other deeply, and really want their family to succeed.