Randy (dad), Shannon (mom), Annalise (13) & Gracelyn (5)

Randy and Shannon say that when it comes to their family, when it’s good, it’s good; and when it’s bad, it’s bad. They describe their family as 4 separate islands, each doing it’s own thing, and they wish they could be more cohesive.

Shannon puts a lot of the blame on herself and says she’s “not the best mother”. She admits that she is envious of Randy, because he has a career and friends. She also says that she doesn’t feel that she is setting a good example for her daughters, and that she wants them to grow up to become successful women.

Annalise wishes that her family would lighten up a bit. Her mom self-describes herself as “uptight”, and Annalise says a lot of times she gets yelled at for making jokes or being silly.  Annalise would love for her family to let their goofy side out.

Randy just wants the family to find their happy place, and says he’s will to do whatever it takes to get them there.