ERAN (dad), JACQUI (mom), COBY (8), DANIEELE (6) & JOEY (3)

On the outside, the Bernstein family is your typical All-American family – dad is a business owner and mom is freelance writer, who works hard to keep the gears of the family turning. However, on the inside, they have a few issues they’d like to work out.

Eran & Jacqui say their son Coby has impulse control issues; and with all the time spent on appointments and redirection for him, their daughter, Danielle, feels like all the attention either goes to him, or to their youngest son, Joey.

Danielle is very sensitive, and Eran & Jacqui aren’t sure how to help her work through her emotions.

Jacqui fears that Danielle will grow up to resent her brothers, and that they won’t have a close relationship once they are adults.

In the meantime, Eran feels that the pressure to be there as a father, along with the pressure to support them financially, is very hard; he feels like he is failing at both. The Bernstein family could use some help working through these issues, so they can get back to being a happy and harmonious family.