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Whitney Fisch (39)
Los Angeles, CA
Counselor/Food Blogger

·      Began cooking after moving to Israel and living right next door to the biggest Jewish Farmer’s Market.

·      She is a 100% self-taught cook. Her mom is Jewish but dad is Christian. She’s a mother of three children under ten years old.

·      As a Southerner her favorite condiment is mayonnaise, but as Jewish person her favorite condiment is tahini and she is obsessed with both. Her favorite condiment is ma

·      Her passion is Latkes with every type of dipping sauce imaginable. She’s even made a chocolate chip cooking made with chocolate gelt. She absolutely has a sweet tooth.

·      Her friends and family tell her that she makes the best latkes. She even makes her own dipping sauces for them.

·      She runs her own Kosher cooking blog called, “Jew Hungry The Blog” where readers even send her photos of what they’d made using her recipes.

·      Loves Hanukkah, because she gets to spend 8 nights, creating memories, with her husband and 3 younger children.