Water Tank Alternative Pool


Pool Owner: Olle Lundberg

Pool Designer/Builder: Olle Lundberg of Olle Lundberg Design

Location: Jenner, CA


·      Reclaimed 25-foot diameter water tank

·      Pool holds 50,000 galloons and is 14 feet deep

·      Poolside viewing deck

·      A “Barrel Sauna”

·      Bio-filtration System

·      Hot-Tub


Olle is an architect and designer who loves to work outside of traditional ways of doing and building. That also translates to the materials that he uses. Olle decided to build a cabin for himself and his wife as a weekend retreat where they could escape the hustle of busy San Francisco where he works during the week. Nestled in a beautiful redwood forest sit’s Olle’s cabin on top of a hill overlooking hundreds of acres of pristine forest. When one of Olle’s clients was getting rid of a massive redwood water tank, Olle couldn’t let it go to waste. Olle took it off his hands, seeing as it held water, and came up with the idea of repurposing the tank into a swimming pool that would be flush with his cabin’s hillside deck. After deconstructing and reconstructing the tank (with the help of local wine barrel makers!) Olle put the massive water tank in place. In keeping with the circular theme Olle also built a circular sauna just off of the pool, in the shape of a barrel perfect for relaxing in on a chilly night. Adjacent to the pool is a circular hot-tub that adds the third circle in the “ringed” experience. The pool also features a biological filtration system that operates on the principals of a wetlands. Water filters through, organic matter is collected and cleaned, and then the clean water is returned to the pool. Olle’s alternative pool is both a functional and beautiful piece of working art. It’s his own version of a swimming pool that inspires relaxation, reflection and gathering.