Victoria & Vanessa


Victoria (36) & Vanessa (33)

El Paso, Texas

“The Twin Towers”

At a towering 6’1”, Vanessa and Victoria are voluptuous, blonde, blue-eyed bomb-shells who demand attention wherever they go.  Although they aren’t actually twins, they’re known around El Paso as the “The Twin towers,” because they can’t help but stick out from the rest. They have been close since a young age. They believe that it’s because their father was always away that they bonded together as best friends. Now, as adults they struggle when they aren’t together. Victoria’s ex-husband was military and moved her family around the country, landing them in El Paso. When Victoria’s marriage ended she decided to put down roots. Vanessa, much to her husband’s chagrin, then decided to move her family to be close to her sister. Now, the siblings live four minutes away from each other and spend most days glued to each-other’s side.

Victoria is common-law married to Andres, a hot-tamale Latin man who she met in El Paso. Victoria has two children Christian James (8) and Charlotte Rose (6) from her previous marriage. Vanessa is married to former Marine, Josh. She has three children, Trevor (10) Savannah (3) and Jaxson (2). Victoria and Vanessa are obsessed with each other and struggle to keep their relationships with their husbands hot and spicy while trying to spend as much time with each other as possible. They even plan “secret meet ups” at Target so they can see each other without their husbands knowing. Their motto is ““men are a luxury, not a necessity, but I’ve always got to have my sister!”

Their husbands work in the oil industry and have jobs that take them away for weeks at a time together. Vanessa and Victoria don’t mind their husbands extended time away because they can spend more time together! Their husbands have a contentious relationship because they don’t always get along at work. The husbands tell their respective wives about the disagreements. The wives in turn have to promise not to tell anyone, but they of course tell each other. It’s a cycle of secret’s and, “he said, she said.”

Victoria made the life-changing decision to have gastric bypass six years ago. Post-surgery, she was able to lose an incredible 100+ pounds in six months. She has become an advocate for the procedure and she works with local clinics to help other patients who have undergone gastric with their journey towards health and wellness. Inspired by her sister’s radical results, Vanessa had the gastric bypass surgery in December 2018 and she is being coached by Victoria in her weight loss journey. Vanessa is adjusting to her new lifestyle and is trying to live up to the success that Victoria accomplished in her weight loss. Vanessa can’t help but to compare herself to Victoria and is trying to emulate her physique and fitness lifestyle. Although she come along way she will feel bad about herself, the way she looks, and her body when she compares herself to her sister.

In the next year, the sisters are excited to focus on their health and spending time together. Vanessa is on a mission to lose 60 pounds, having lost 40 since her surgery. She wants to “catch up” to Victoria in terms of weight loss and have a breast augmentation of her own. Victoria had a “mommy make over” after she lost weight and is obsessed with her larger-than-life breasts. Victoria continues to want more procedures in the near future. Vanessa definitely wants to get a “mommy make over” so she can flaunt her body and finally get the same attention that Victoria garners. Victoria and Andres had a sexy boudoir shoot. So, of course, the sisters want to have boudoir photos done together in lingerie once Vanessa reaches her weight loss goal and has her own cosmetic improvements. Victoria loves showing off her body and works hard to stay in shape and sexy for her husband, Andres.

Vanessa and Victoria were raised in the Mormon Church, but left the church several years ago. The decision to leave caused a divide in their extended family and it has put a strain on the relationship with their mother. Vanessa has limited contact with her mother, while Victoria does not communicate with her. Vanessa and Victoria say that the decision to leave was not easy, but since they have each other, it makes the reality of their lives without their family support easier. Since leaving the conservative church the girls are now living a free, unapologetic life! They have a new-found celebration of their bodies and their sexuality, they accept plastic surgery, they’re allowed to drink, dance and enjoy everything that the church would deem “sinful.”

Born and raised in El Paso, Andres comes from a traditional latin family. It’s interesting when the two families come together, as it’s blending two extremely different cultures: blonde, Caucasian former Mormons, with a traditional Mexican-American family. Andres is teaching Victoria Spanish so she can communicate with his Mexican family. Victoria has no idea that Andres is planning and saving money for a surprise proposal! They are common law married so there has been no wedding nor proposal as of yet. Andres wants to propose, have a white-wedding, and eventually have a baby with Victoria. With so many life-changes happening, will Victoria and Vanessa really be able to navigate all these milestones together, and without conflict or hurt feelings?