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Mother: Claudia (64)

Daughter: Vicky (26)

Chicago, IL

“Valley Of The Dolls”

Claudia calls Vicky her “miracle baby.” After several miscarriages, she welcomed her first and only daughter, Vicky, into the world. Since then, they have been attached at the hip. Claudia and Vicky live together in a beautiful home in the suburbs of Chicago. Every morning, Claudia makes Vicky coffee and then sees her off to work. They talk at least five times a day and keep tabs on each other’s whereabouts using the Find My Friends app. Claudia is a “hoot and a half,” walking around in a moo moo and drinking boxed wine. Vicky’s personality is just as colorful. They share everything – clothes, makeup, shoes, razors, a bed and even DOLLS! Claudia and Vicky have over 1,000 dolls. They play with them, bathe them, sleep with them, and even make new clothes for them. They have taken over almost every room of the house. Claudia says she can identify which dolls are hers based on their scent alone!

Claudia and Vicky seem to have an unbreakable bond, but their lives are about to change in a big way. Vicky is moving out and getting married in two months! But she’s not going very far. Vicky’s new home is on the same property about 10 feet from her mom’s. Claudia is relieved that she’ll be close by, but at the same time, she’s really going to miss her. One of her favorite things to do is cuddle with Vicky and watch re-runs of Murder She Wrote. She’s not looking forward to sharing Vicky with her soon-to-be husband, Jerry.

Vicky and Jerry have a very unusual relationship. Jerry is a divorced 57-year-old father of two. Vicky is a 26-year-old virgin who hasn’t been away from her mom for more than two weeks. They are 31 years apart, making Jerry old enough to be Vicky’s dad (who also happens to be named Jerry). Vicky met Jerry when she was 19 and they quickly developed feelings for each other. Because of their significant age gap, they kept their relationship a secret from their friends and family for two years. When they finally came clean, Claudia told Vicky that she was not fond of her dating Jerry. She was concerned - and still is - about the age difference between them. Vicky and Jerry have been together for seven years. So, Claudia has come to accept their relationship and wishes her daughter nothing but the best. What’s more, Jerry lives next door! Vicky doesn’t live their yet because the two aren’t married and the couple won’t actually live together until after the wedding. Even though it’s barely even a move, the slightest shift will be sure to impact Claudia and Vicky’s daily activities and their close relationship.  

Vicky and Claudia have been busy planning “the wedding of the century.” They’ve invited 250 people and are spending upwards of $250,000. The ceremony will be held at the Drake Hotel on October 26th. They are going to have a 12-piece band, ice sculptures, and a vintage Rolls Royce. This will be the first time Vicky will meet some of Jerry’s family, including his sister. Jerry says his kids, who are in their 20s, are somewhat accepting of Vicky, but he isn’t sure if they will attend the wedding. Vicky is also looking forward to the wedding night. She and Jerry have never had sex because she believes in waiting until marriage. Once Vicky ties the knot, she’s wasting no time trying to get pregnant. Vicky’s father has been very ill and it’s made her realize just how precious life is. She is excited to have a family of her own with Jerry, as long as her mom is right next door. 

Vicky’s other neighbor is her best friend of 10 years, Chessa. Chessa, 31, lives three doors down and is Vicky and Claudia’s hairstylist. She says they either come together to appointments, or schedule them so that one goes right after the other. They gossip about each other to Chessa, but she knows better than to take sides. Chessa thinks Vicky and Claudia’s relationship is “crazy and kooky,” but she adores them. Like Claudia, she is wary of Vicky’s relationship with Jerry. She jokes with Vicky that she’s going to have to “change Jerry’s diapers someday.” Chessa also worries that Vicky is missing out on experiencing her twenties. Vicky has never partied all night, gone clubbing or slept with a guy her age. She feels like Vicky might regret marrying Jerry if she doesn’t give herself the chance to let loose.  


· They live in the same house and drink coffee together every morning

· They play with, talk to, bathe and sleep with their dolls

·  They share everything – makeup, clothes, shoes and even a bed sometimes

·  They go to the casino, drink and gamble together

·  They keep tabs on each other’s whereabouts using the Find My Friend app 

·  They talk about everything from sex to vaginal issues

·  They talk at least 5 times a day


· The fact that Vicky is marrying a much older man is a huge concern for her friends and family. They want her to be happy and are trying to be supportive, but deep down, it’s not going to be easy to watch Vicky walk down the aisle. Will their true feelings come to light at the wedding?

· Claudia is concerned that her daughter getting married and moving out will change their relationship and their dynamic. Will Vicky want to spend more time with her new husband than with her mother?

· Knowing Vicky will soon be moving out of the house is stressing Claudia out. She worries that her relationship with Vicky won’t be the same after she gets married. How will Vicky adjust to her new life?

· Jerry thinks the dolls are “creepy” and does NOT want them in their new house. Vicky sees no reason to get rid of the dolls, and would like to continue sharing a bed with them. Will Vicky find a way to cuddle with Jerry and her dolls?

· Vicky wants to try to get pregnant right away, but Jerry has already raised two kids. Does Jerry really want to have another kid with Vicky?

· Vicky’s dad is really sick and she’s worried he might not be well enough to come to the wedding. Will her dad be able to walk her down the aisle?

Upcoming Dates:

· Vicky’s bachelorette party is in New Orleans this week (Sept. 12th – 16th). While Vicky and her mom – who is also going – have planned most of the festivities, Chessa has a few surprises up her sleeve. She reserved a table at a strip club called Scores on Friday night (the 19th).

· The wedding is October 26th

· A European honeymoon is planned for mid-November