Treasure Island Skull Pool


Pool Owner: Marissa and Matt Madrid  

Pool Designer/Builder: Eric Ray, Rock of Ages

Location: Corona, CA


·      Amusement park inspired design

·      Skull carved out of rocks

·      Island in the middle of the pool with adjoining bridge

·      Hanging tropical hammock hideaway

·      Hidden passageways and caves 

·      Underwater cave entrance

·      Maze of rock walls

·      Waterfalls

·      Diving rocks

When Marissa and Matt were looking for a new home, their daughter found the listing for a home with a skull pool and she immediately sent it along to her parents! The Madrid’s fell in love with the pool and were thrilled when they closed escrow on the home. Eric Ray, the designer of the pool was inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at nearby Disneyland. The pool is framed by his signature rock design work and the focal point of the pool is a skull carved into the stone. Behind the skull is a hidden cave, play place that can be entered via a hidden underwater entrance, just under the skull’s bottom jaw. There’s also a maze-like rear entrance to the cave just around the back of the pool. The tropical feel of the pool is enhanced by the greenery and trees and the island in the center of the pool is accessible by one of the many bridges traversing the pool. The pool has hidden passageways and caves and a maze of rock walls. The Madrid’s pool is home to parties all summer long, it’s not uncommon for them to have upwards of 60 people in their pool within a couple hours of sending out an invitation! The Madrid family love their pool and being able to enjoy spending time with family and friends makes it their perfect “room” in the house!