• PJ and Jennifer live in Atlanta, GA
  • He is a Senior Military Science Instructor and a U.S. Army Veteran
  • Jennifer is a Program Manager for a Medical Communications Agency
  • They have been a couple for nearly two years
  • They do not currently live together, PJ lives with his sister and Jen lives with a roommate
  • They are both passionate about helping others through strength, conditioning, nutrition, health and wellness



  • Her Current home: 1,200 sqft
  • His Current home: 900 sqft
  • Tiny home: 200 sqft


  • Her Current home: $2,000 pr/month rent
  • His Current home: $1,100 pr/month rent
  • Tiny home: $105k



  • They do not want to pay rent any longer
  • They want to own and invest their money in their own property
  • PJ and Jen want to live together
  • They want to live more efficiently and simply
  • Dramatically reduces their cost of living
  • It will allow them to travel more often
  • If they move from Atlanta they can take their home with them
  • Will become an investment/income property in the future


  • Downsizing each of their belongings
  • Anxiety and excitement regarding moving in together for the first time


  • A living area ideal for watching football/movies
  • Large screen TV and surround sound
  • Tall ceilings with plenty of natural light
  • A dual purpose, small breakfast bar/desk for eating and work
  • Built in fitness equipment, (pull-up bar, squat rack, etc)
  • Built in clothing steamer
  • Couch with pullout bed for guests
  • Mini bar/wine rack
  • Spacious his/her closet (extra storage for out of season clothing)
  • Master suite/loft that has the potential to be fully closed off
  • Small sliding, rustic barn door
  • Indoor/outdoor grill
  • Fireplace/Wood-burning stove