• Marianne lives in Ashton, ID
  • She’s a management consultant for Hewlett Packard and a part-time, online retailer
  • She’s had a corporate, high-level job for many years
  • Her passion is clothing, jewelry, makeup and anything fashion related
  • She sells clothing part-time online when she is able
  • Marianne is the mother of two “fur babies,” Luci and Wiley
  • She’s an avid poker player and sports enthusiast



  • Current home: 2,400 sqft
  • Tiny home: 280 sqft


  • Current home: $350k
  • Tiny home: $95k


  • Marianne is burnt out on working at her corporate job
  • She wants a tiny house to minimize her things, to de-clutter and to de-stress her life
  • She hopes the tiny house will allow her to pursue her passion of her online retail business part time and to cut down on the hours at her corporate job
  • A tiny house will allow her to focus on herself and create a nurturing, luxurious environment
  • She wants a place to call “home”
  • Marianne wants to travel in her tiny home


  • Making sure she has enough storage space for all her clothing and shoes


  • Retractable garage door to create an indoor/outdoor entertaining area that maximizes space
  • Dual loft with master bedroom
  • A “glam loft” to house her clothing, shoes and makeup, complete with a full length mirror designed to dress and primp and try on outfits
  • “Dog Walk” for her dogs to walk in between her two lofts
  • A custom round table designed to host large groups for parties and for poker night
  • A tile or stone shower with a built in bench
  • A large television that can be viewed from downstairs as well as the master loft
  • A kitchen with regular sized appliances designed to cook and entertain