• Christie and Sherie are two sisters that live in Midland, TX
  • They have a very close relationship
  • Christie is a minister of pre-school education at First Baptist church
  • Christie will be the primary resident of the tiny home but Sherie and other family members will be visiting the tiny home often
  • Sheri knows Christie better than anyone else and can help her make decisions regarding her tiny house
  • Christie likes to take people in who are struggling and give them a comfortable place to stay
  • Christie has never owned a home in her life


  • Current home: 1,750 sqft
  • Tiny home: 280 sqft


  • Current home: 230k
  • Tiny home: $95k


  • Christie wants to finally own her own home-not rent!
  • Christie loves the tiny house philosophy of "less is more" as she strives to be a "humble" minister
  • She’d prefer to use her money to help people as opposed to purchasing an expensive home
  • Christie wants to downsize her belongings
  • She doesn’t want to have the financial burden of a large home but still wants luxurious amenities
  • Having a smaller space is much easier to take care of
  • She wants to have an extra bedroom that she can offer to people in need
  • If Christie decides to leave Midland, TX, she has the option of bringing her home with her


  • Downsizing all of her things
  • Enough space to entertain her large family and other unexpected guests


  • Guest loft for visitors
  • Claw foot bathtub with shower head
  • Exterior space for lots of guests and entertaining
  • Floral decorations and hanging flower window boxes
  • Creative use of reclaimed woods
  • Country, shabby-chic style
  • Plenty of bright colors
  • Creative storage space for all of her clothing
  • First floor master bedroom
  • Stairs leading to the upstairs loft instead of a ladder