Tiffany & Stephanie


Tiffany (46) & Stephanie (49)

Torrance, California 

“The Sisters Wives”

Tiffany and Stephanie are sisters, who for all intents and purposes, are a married couple. It’s as if they took vows to love, honor and cherish each other in sickness and in health, as long as they both shall live! They own a home together, do taxes together, live together, and raise children together. Just like a normal, married couple, only they are sisters. Tiffany and Stephanie have lived together their entire lives, even when they moved away for college. When the sisters had the opportunity to buy a lot with space for two houses, they jumped at the opportunity. Except they decided to build one big house rather than two houses! Stephanie and Tiffany finish each other’s sentences and have their own version of sister “pig Latin”. The sisters do everything together - they work as nurses at the same surgery center, they raise their kids together, they do karaoke together, and the even both had gastric bypasses!

Tiffany and Stephanie had a double wedding in Las Vegas and got married in front of 250 guests. Unfortunately, the marriages didn’t work out, and they have both since divorced their ex-husbands. They lived through the divorces and have continued to co-parent their children…all under the same roof! The house consists of Stephanie’s children: Madison (20) and Bailey (17) and Tiffany Children, Chandler (11) and Logan (19). The kids love having their, “two moms,” and think of their cousins as siblings.

The grand-dame matriarch of the family is grandma Barbara. She lives in the guest house in the back. Barbara is fabulous. Pearl necklaces, big sunglasses and stories of the Beverly Hills Hotel. She is a fiery woman in her 80’s who loves to FaceTime with men she meets on the internet that she has no intention of meeting, she just likes the attention! Although Barbara is in terrific spirits, her health condition isn’t 100%....Grandma has neuropathy, which is weakness, numbness, and pain from nerve damage, usually found in the hands and feet. She has a hard time getting around so it’s good to have her daughters around to watch out for her and take care of her.  

Cortney, the eldest sister has always been on the outside of Tiffany and Stephanie’s extremely close relationship. She has always thought it bizarre and unnecessary for her younger sisters to do everything together. She understands the importance of family values, but in her opinion, her sisters take it too far. Because Cortney didn’t follow in the same footsteps or live under the same roof, she was never entirely accepted into the sister fold. Cortney has gone through her own share of trials and tribulations. Two years ago during a family trip to Hawaii Cortney walked in on her ex-husband having sex with their best friend! Cortney was devastated. She ended up moving in with Tiffany and Stephanie, but she just recently moved out and is enjoying being independent again. Cortney met her now boyfriend on Tinder. The sibling dynamic gets strained because Cortney feels left out of the “ultra-close” relationship that Tiffany and Stephanie have and while Cortney thinks it’s unhealthy, her feelings get hurt when she’s left out of plans. But, Cortney does only live ten minutes away so she’s constantly back and forth to the house.

Tiffany started dating her Argentinian boyfriend, Hugo a couple of years ago. When Cortney moved out of the house, Hugo moved in! Tiffany is in heaven having Hugo living with her sister and the kids, but she does have to plan weekends away so she and Hugo can get some peace and quiet away from the chaotic house. With 7 people under one roof, it’s hard for the lovebirds to get time alone. Tiffany and Hugo’s relationship puts a strain on the sister’s bond. Stephanie is used to having Tiffany’s undivided attention, so having to share her sister with Hugo isn’t always smooth sailing. Tiffany feels the tension and is torn between her two great loves, her boyfriend and her sister. Stephanie is single and looking forward to dating “publicly” again. Stephanie has been sneaking men through the side door at night and Tiffany has no idea! 

Stephanie and Tiffany love their close relationship and they credit their parents with instilling the belief that “family is everything.” Tiffany wants to continue her relationship with Hugo and isn’t sure if that’s possible while living under the same roof for the rest of their lives. Stephanie wants to find a real partner, but finds it difficult to meet men and build a relationship if she’s living attached to the hip with her sister. With mom and the kids to take care of the sisters feel obligated to be the anchors of support for their family. Like a marriage, are they really together because they want to be, or at this point is it out of necessity and obligation? They love each other dearly and have done a good job at raising children and making life work- but will they be able to focus on their own happiness and desires at the same time?