The Mona Lisa Pool


Pool Designer/Builder: Dan Ramos- Distinguished Pools

Location: Solano Beach, cA


·      Project cost: $250,000-500,000

·      65ft Long and 35ft at it’s widest point

·      80,000 Gallons of water

·      Large sun-shelf with light-up “bubblers”

·      Floating island-like spa with four waterfall features

·      Swim-up bar and outdoor kitchen with keg and grill

·      Large cave 16ft deep and 16ft wide with a sitting area for 16 people

·      In-rock speakers

·      Volcano fire features


Inspired by an incredible and an incredibly large swimming pool in Palm Springs, the owner was moved to make his own pool. Dubbed the, “Mona Lisa” because the owner wanted it to be a work of art. Although, the dream was to make a large pool, there simply wasn’t enough space. The yard sits at a bottom of a long driveway, so Dan and his team had to cut into the end of the driveway to maximize the size of the pool. After taking out the septic system and installing a seepage pit to make room for the pool. The Mona Lisa sits at 65ft long and 40ft at it’s widest and nearly 80,000 gallons of water. One unique feature of this outdoor paradise is the floating, island-like spa. Built using hand-cut stone and hand-placed stone mosaic tile, the spa offers the experience of soaking in a relaxing bath surrounded by water. The interior of the pool features a midnight blue pebble. The swim-up bar boasts a stone slab and faux tree trunk stools. The kitchen is lit by two gas torches that create a turbo flame effect. The Mona Lisa is a brilliant work of art that creates the atmosphere of an elegant and relaxing space perfect for relaxing with friends and family.