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Simmie Berman (35)

Rockville, MD

Mechanical Engineer

  • Simmie is a self-taught cook. She loved cooking as a kid, but she didn’t start cooking regularly until she became an adult and started working. She says she used cooking as a creative outlet from her extremely technical job.

  • Her passion is baking, but she makes a mean latke and delicious sweet noodle kugel. 

  • She says that because she is an engineer she likes precision, which is why she likes to bake – she says baking is a science. 

  • She was adopted from Korea, but she says that ever since she was a little kid she’s been very passionate about Hanukkah, and not “chrismafying” it. In fact she loaths the term “Hanukkah bush.”

  • Her best memories of Hanukkah are her mom buying her a new dreidel every year to add to her collection, as well as FaceTiming her every night when she and her family light the menorah.