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Sharon Shvarzman (35)

Brooklyn, New York

Kitchen manager at a daycare facility

  • Sharon once competed on Worst Cooks in America and later went on to win The Great Food Truck Race.

  • He was inspired to start cooking after his master chef grandfather passed away from pancreatic cancer. Sharon realized that his grandfather’s cooking was the glue that kept his family together.

  • Sharon sought out his grandma, Dora, to teach him how to improve his baking skills. He says his sufganiyot and babka now rival hers!

  • He loves Hanukkah dishes because he says he knows his way around a fryer. He loves fried food and how fried food is comforting and satisfying.

  • His latkes, schnitzel and kugel are some of his favorite dishes - he says there isn’t a Jewish dish that he hasn’t tried to make and perfect.

  • Wants to show the world that he has grown and improved since he was on Worst Cooks in America.