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Shannon Sarna

South Orange, NJ

Editor for The Nosh

·      Learned how to cook from her father, who was a food chemist.

·      She’s half Italian and half Jewish so her food and cooking is inspired and influenced by her two different heritages.

·      Her favorite dishes to prepare are beet and sweet potato latkes with smoked salmon, fresh herbs and crème fraiche, as well as savory latkes that are topped with chopped liver and cherry compote.

·      She loves making donuts and playing with flavors of traditional Israeli Sufganiyot for an American audience—eggnog donuts anyone? Or even chocolate peppermint Rugelach?

·      She’s an editor for The Nosh, a Jewish food blog.

·      She’s a skilled baker and she says great when it comes to creating sauces from scratch.

·      Every year she throws a big adults-only party for Hanukkah, where she serves her famous fried latkes and donuts. She considers herself the quintessential over-the-top holiday hostess.

·      She has a bunny named “S’mores Rugelach.”