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Samantha Tehrani (27)

Los Angeles, CA

Analyst for Mattel, Inc/Food Blogger

·      Has a blog called "Pass The Challah" where she focuses on transforming time-consuming recipes into more approachable dishes for home chefs of all skill levels. 

·      Claims that "food is her love language" and attributes is to being from a long line of people in her family having worked in the restaurant industry and learned her love of hosting from them. 

·      Chased her grandmother around the kitchen with measuring spoons and a notepad so she could make a family cookbook of all of their traditional Jewish dishes. She says her grandmother's latkes are a home run every time! 

·      Specializes in dishes like matzah balls (kneidlach), kreplach, teiglach, kugels, and of course, challah!

·      Molly Yeh is her spirit animal! They are both half-Jewish, (Samantha’s mom is Jewish and her dad is Christian) Samantha is also a new mom, Samantha has played percussion instruments and she loves to bake! 

·      Being on Food Network would be a dream come true for her and would make her late grandmother proud.