Realistic Cavern Paradise


Pool Designer/Builder: Bob And Sara Shehan, Shehan Luxury Pools 

Location: Lake Cumberland, Kentucky


  • Cavernous, lagoon style pool with luxury accents

  • 40 ft stone contoured stone slide

  • Fog machine system for dramatic lighting and sunsets

  • Swim up bar with HD satellite TV and full service kitchen

  • 18 ft x 40 ft waterfall

  • Simulated limestone cavern complete with realistic stalagmites and stalactites

  • Hidden skull décor and fish fossils

  • World’s first fire “majilis” sitting area

  • State-of-the-art Bose surround sound system hidden in the stone work

  • Raised tanning and observation deck, beach entry with glass pebbles


Designer, Bob Shehan and his wife, Sara name each of their major projects after classical composers. They view the design and construction of an incredible pool as an intricately crafted symphony. Every element plays off of the other, complementing and contrasting and ultimately creating a unified, “whole.” They named this pool after Irish composer, Michael William Balfe and it is a masterpiece! The pool is 110ft by 36ft and has a majestic, freeform lagoon shape. The pool is surrounded by 6,500 square feet of granite boulders, including hand stacked stalagmites and stalactites and a hand-stacked skull sculpture. The team at Shehan constructs all of their own boulder from a mix of different types of concrete and gunite at their facility and they then ship and install the rock elements on site. Before they create each element, the team will make a 1” scale replica of the pool so that the client can see what their pool will look like, and the team can visually understand how the pool will be put together- much like a puzzle!


 The pool features a beach entry, swim up bar, full service kitchen and a secret grotto. The 18ft x 40ft waterfall is the centerpiece of the pool and is awe-inspiring to first time guests. There are 4 additional waterfall features throughout the pool. The 40 foot stone contoured high speed tube slide is a favorite for the children and adults! It was formed out of faux-stone to create a tube that along with the running water inside of the tube, creates a thrilling ride for guests of the pool. The pool creates an immersive experience for its guests. The water features and realistic rock formations make the space feel like it’s a luxurious destination in a faraway land.