Natalie and her boyfriend Grant are both real estate agents and owners of a small renovation company in Kill Devil Hills, NC. Located on the barrier islands known as the Outer Banks, KDH’s open-sea beaches, state parks, and shipwreck diving sites make it a popular holiday destination. Natalie and Grant enjoy the perks of beach living: setting crab boxes, surfing and frequenting the many shipwreck sites via paddle boards where they dive for lost treasures. The town itself is full of cute and cozy mom and pop shops and local restaurants featuring low-country cooking and ocean-to-table, fresh seafood. The town is also home to the site of the Wright brothers’ first controlled, powered airplane flights, and is known as “the birth place of aviation.” Natalie’s family has lived on the Outer Banks for generations; in fact, her family owned a hotel on the island in the 40s and 50s. Both Natalie and Grant joined the corporate rat race out of college: Natalie was a neuroscience major and grant a successful commercial contractor. They both decided that structured life wasn’t for them, so they moved to the Outer Banks to partake in the casual, comfortable and easy-going beach lifestyle. They are excited about sharing their home to the many visitors that flock to the Outer Banks.

The couple’s home is a traditional 3-bed/3-bath Outer Banks beach cottage with a reverse floor plan. They live on the second level, and want to transform the first level into a rental space, however it will need a full makeover before it will be ready for the upcoming 2017 season. Currently the 1-bed/1-bath area serves as the couple’s storage, laundry, and “dog room,” which they want to convert into a luxury suite. They also want to update the bathroom and add a kitchenette in order to attract guests who want a real Outer Banks local experience at a fraction of the price, as even in off-season, local hotel rates are a minimum of $199 per night.

Utilizing the seascape as inspiration, Natalie and Grant want to create a cozy sleeping area, and will need to add a comfortable bed to the suite. Natalie would love to decorate the space with family heirlooms that represent the history of the area, and she will also offer historical tours of the island to her guests. The couple also wants to incorporate their hand-collected sea glass into the decor, and feature art made by their neighbors, who repurpose found items on the local beach. Additional amenities for their guests will include use of fishing poles, paddle boards, surf boards, and kayaks, which the couple will teach their guests to use and even take them out for shipwreck dive tours. They also want to provide their guests with a taste of the local flavor with samples of coffee, beer, and rum made nearby, as well as access to fresh local seafood for a dinner to die for! With the income from their rental space the couple will be able to afford their much desired trip to Nicaragua! 






  • Renovate and update lower level bathroom
  • Add a kitchenette to lower level
  • Turn laundry room into a bedroom, including adding a new bed
  • Decorate guest area with locally sourced art and furniture, and historical memorabilia
  • Provide outdoor gear including fishing poles, surf boards, paddle boards, kayaks, and bikes, and shipwreck dive tours
  • Gift baskets with samples of local coffee, beer, and rum, and provide fresh seafood