Matt is the owner of a small coffee company that imports coffee from his family’s plantation in Costa Rica. Sal works for a pipeline company in Houston. The men have been friends since college and roommates for the last five years. While the thought of Houston might conjure images of cowboy hats and barbecue joints, (which they do have plenty of) the city is actually the most diverse city in all of Texas and has been described as the most diverse city in the US! It is home to many culture institutions and exhibits which attract more than 7 million visitors a year to the museum district, the second best museum district in the country. Houston has an active visual and performing arts scene in the Theatre District, and has a thriving sports environment including football, baseball, basketball, and the rodeo! Nicknamed the “Space City,” Houston is home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where the Mission Control Center is located.

Matt and Sal live in the “Medical Center” district of Houston in a 2 bed/ 2 bath town house, which Matt recently purchased after the guys had been renting it for over a year. Both men travel frequently for work and for leisure and would love to share their home while they are away. As Houston will be hosting the 2017 Super Bowl and other rentals and hotel rates are on the rise the friends want to be able to capitalize on the marketability of their home! In order to turn their home into desirable lodging the guys need to fully renovate both of their outdated and uninviting bathrooms. The dingy floors, cracked countertops, and harsh lighting gives an unclean feel. The bedrooms need to be outfitted with more luxurious bedding and the entire house needs to be decorated and ridded of their mass-produced art from Ikea they have had since college. The town house also features an attic space that could be easily converted into a third sleeping area. 

The home is very close to the main sports and entertainment complex as well as all the research facilities. The men plan to cater to those coming for sporting events, the rodeo, and even visiting medical students. The men would like to incorporate Houston’s modern industrial aesthetic into their renovation while also using inspiration from its roots in their amenities including locally made barbecue sauce in welcome baskets and stocking local craft beer in the mini-bar. The home is also pet friendly as the guy’s have two dogs of their own. The plan to provide toys, dishes, and treats for guests traveling with their furry companions combined with the local dog park make it super pet-friendly place. By updating and enhancing their home’s aesthetic and amenities, the men will be able to rent their home for a pretty penny and will be able to take their desired trips to Spain and the US National Parks! 



ESTIMATED ROOM RATE PER NIGHT:$200-250 Average, but up to $1000 for SUperbowl or other major events




  • Renovate and update both bathrooms
  • Convert attic space into a third sleeping area
  • Redecorate common areas and bedrooms with local art
  • Replace carpet in common areas
  • Update linens and bedding in both bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Provide gift baskets with barbecue sauce, Uber rides, Matt’s family coffee, and coupons for restaurants, as well as provide access to pet items and bikes