Frank and Julie are best friends and former work colleagues who now live together. Fun, young and passionate about hosting, this duo has impeccable taste, a tenacious, go-getter attitude and a plethora of original ideas as it relates to their home. Moreover, Frank and Julie are beyond proud of Portland and have no trouble explaining why it was recently named one of the top five destinations in America. It's not hard to see why! The food is bountiful, local, and delicious. Beers are brewed locally and area wineries are less than hour away. Additionally the scenic and outdoor opportunities are limitless skiing at Mt. Hood and the picturesque Oregon Coast only an hour’s drive. To natives, Portland is a well-kept secret that continues to impress.

The two friends live in a neighborhood that offers a true taste of Portland that visitors won’t be able to enjoy staying in a city centered hotel. From their neighborhood downtown is a convenient bike ride away and Portland’s best markets, bars and restaurants are all within walking distance. They both love to host and are avid DIY-ers that have many ideas about how to turn their property into an exceptional short-term rental. Their basement would be a perfect space for out of towners but it hasn’t been updated in years. (Frank has had to dislodge many a garden gnome from the previous tenant’s yard.) In short, the place could use some TLC. It needs new furniture that reflects the casual Portland vibe as well as comfortable blankets artwork and fresh paint. They would like the bathroom to be as nice as that in a hotel but first it needs an upgraded shower and modern decor.

A few easy updates would give renters an attractive outdoor space with a vegetable garden, flowers, local shrubbery, plus a grill and eating space for all seasons. Frank and Julie have a ton of connections to local artists, brewers, wine makers and restaurateurs which will allow them to provide their guests with the best food, drink and access to local color and culture that Portland has to offer. They envision stocking the fridge with local beers, adding local art to the walls, and providing snacks and cheeses from nearby farms. They also want to provide coupons to visit wineries, tickets to see shows, and an insiders guide to Portland equipped with bikes to make exploring easy. Now that they are homeowners they have less disposable cash and would love the freedom to be able to travel while opening up their home and city to guests. For Frank he’s interested in visiting Italy whereas Julie wants to take a trip to the Caribbean.



pER WEEk: $450



  • Bathroom upgrade in the basement
  • Paint basement walls
  • Build a divider between kitchen and washing machines
  • Modernize the basement with artwork and new furniture
  • Upgrade the appliances in the kitchen
  • Add a tiny home/ yurt or alternative space to the backyard
  • Make a loft or studio space in the garage
  • Add a bathroom to the garage