Brian and Kacy are a young fun-loving family who loves their home of Santa Barbara. Parents of two young girls, Kacy works at her church and Brian is an aero-space engineer. To them, Santa Barbara is not only home but one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Known for its Spanish style architecture and European ambiance, Santa Barbara is nestled between the beach and the mountains offering its visitors a plethora of outdoor recreation opportunities. From the historical landmarks like the palatial Santa Barbara Mission to the up-and-coming hotspots like the “Funk Zone,” known for its local breweries and small wineries, to its numerous fabulous day spas, Santa Barbara can appease and delight every type of traveler.

Brian and Kacy live in a cute, quiet residential neighborhood that is walking distance to the historic State Street Plaza in Downtown Santa Barbara. One of America’s most pedestrian-friendly downtowns, State Street Plaza offers an amazing array of shopping including specialty shops, regional galleries, and indie boutiques. The district is also home to art and cultural museums and fine dining restaurants that feature locally sourced ingredients. Brian and Kacy are avid travelers themselves and they would love to list their home for a rental share while they go exploring with their young family. Their two-story townhouse is spacious and comfortable but could use some polishing to make it a truly comfortable vacation-stay experience for their guests.

The Yardley’s would love to incorporate Santa Barbara’s Spanish inspired architecture into their home, and make their house more inviting to travelers by adding artifacts and photographs from their own travels. Their bedroom needs a major facelift, including replacing their oversized and outdated furniture, and adding more storage space. The master bathroom is also outdated and needs new tile as well as fresh paint and a change in decor to make it feel modern. The kitchen is small yet cozy but could use some finishing touches to maximize the space and make it more inviting. As added incentives for their guests, the Yardley’s would like to offer access to their bikes to explore the city, snorkels and boogie boards to use at the local beach and a gift basket stocked with locally made wine and chocolate, and a map of the city marked with “can’t miss” local hot spots and attractions. Brian and Kacy are excited to be able to share their home and city with guests and use the extra income to travel to Germany with their kids. 





  • Redo tile in kitchen and bathroom
  • Update cabinets in bathroom and kitchen
  • Change light fixtures in bathroom
  • Refurnish bedroom
  • Create additional storage area in bedroom
  • Modernize the kitchen
  • New sofa bed
  • Update art/decor
  • Source bicycles