Jennifer and Rycklon have decided to take the plunge and move back to Jenn’s childhood home. She’s a homemaker and stay at home mom to two adorable children and Rycklon is a former professional wrestler who owns a gym and wrestling school. They live in the cradle of the famous Silicon Valley, just minutes from Google and Facebook. Their area has a major influx of tech, business people who commute often for meetings. Also, many families come to the area to visit their children who attend Stanford University. Palo Alto is a cultural melting pot of longtime residents and a burgeoning city-scene brought on by the tech industry complete with a Four Seasons Hotel, opera house, new restaurants and high-end shopping. Additionally, their home is also only 20 minutes from the infamous tourist destinations of San Francisco. Jenn and Ryck are interested in showing their children the world, and therefore want to use their converted garage space as a short term rental to make extra cash. Their converted garage is complete with its own full bathroom and shower, and separate entrance, a perfect set up for a home share rental. However, they have yet been able to complete all the necessary improvements to begin listing it.

While the converted space has its own entrance, it lacks a locking door separating it from the rest of the residence. Additionally, the room needs new carpet, fresh paint, blinds and window coverings, and a small repair to water damaged sheet rock. Most importantly, the space needs to be de-cluttered and redecorated in an appealing fashion that reflects the area. Palo Alto is the nexus of the tech industry in Silicon Valley, with the headquarters of Google, Netflix, and Groupon nearby, and Facebook within walking distance of Jenn and Rycklon’s home. The couple wants to cater towards visiting techies who may be interviewing for a position or scoping out the area for their own startup. Jenn plans to offer her guests walking tours of the Facebook campus and a tech themed gift basket upon arrival. The home is also very close to Stanford University, and would love to board prospective students and their families. With the addition of a pull out sleeper couch the room would be able to lodge a family of four. The hosts also plan to offer their guests a free gym pass and even a discounted personal trainer session with Ryck…he certainly knows that those tech people need to get in a good work out!  They will also offer a $20 Uber pass, so guests can easily explore the local shopping, restaurants, and recreation sites, including the Palo Alto golf course and expansive running trails in the local parks.






  • High-end “tech” savvy guest house perfect for Silicon Valley techies
  • Comfortable, family friend room and yard
  • Install door separating guest room from the house
  • Repair water damage to sheet rock
  • Install new carpet, fresh paint, and window coverings
  • De-clutter and redecorate with a tech-friendly motif
  • Sleeper, pull-out couch to increase occupancy
  • Create tech-themed gift baskets for guest arrival
  • Able to offer discounted personal training sessions
  • Maps of “short cut” trails to and from the major tech companies