Angela, a clothing designer and Sydney, a boutique hotel developer, are best friends who grew up as neighbors and later became roommates in their hometown of Austin, Texas. Angela constantly travels for her business, so to supplement her income she has rented out her room on all the home share rental sites when she is away. Sydney recently got married and is transitioning her things out of Angela’s condo, which now gives Angela a room she can list full-time, and she will now be able to list the entire condo for rent when she is traveling, expanding her income even further. Angela and Sydney are part of a class of young, well connected and artsy professionals. They refer to themselves as “unicorns,” aka someone who is born and raised in Austin. These ladies have their fingers on the pulse of the Austin scene. The condo itself is in the heart of downtown Austin, steps away from famed 6th street as well as all of the hottest restaurants and bars. The women want to cater their rental to other like-minded millennials who want to take advantage of everything their city has to offer.

In order to make the entire condo rental ready the ladies need to make sure that all of the cosmetic features are updated and that each room has a matching, cohesive theme. Additionally, the dated bathroom countertops, lighting, and mirrors all need to be replaced. They’d like to provide a spa-like bathroom experience complete with plush robes.  They would like to re-brick the underwhelming fireplace in the living room, and add a mantle to make it a desirable and usable feature. The living room seating is too small and uninviting, and needs to be replaced with larger, cozier pieces. Angela want to add a projector for movies or a way to conceal the television so it is not the focal point of the room, as well as add prints of famous Austin murals to incorporate the local vibe. Additionally, she wants to add amenities such as guitars, a mini library and bikes for her guests to use. The condo is five minutes from every hip restaurant, music venue, and bar in the area, and the women want to use their knowledge of the hottest spots to create a one-of-a-kind experience guide for their guests to get the real feel of Austin. With all of these improvements, Angela will still be able to continue her travels for work, and take a much desired girls trip with Sydney to Italy!







  • Cohesive, matching themed rooms throughout the entire condo
  • New countertops, mirrors, and lighting in bathroom
  • Spa-like bathroom with plush robes
  • Renovate living room fireplace
  • New living room seating
  • Artwork in hallway and bedrooms
  • Bikes, guitars, and guest shared mini library
  • Hand-made, customized guide books with pull-out maps