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Oren Giladi (34)

Los Angeles, CA

Private Chef

  • Oren specializes in healthy, plant based cuisine and cooking for people with strict dietary restrictions.

  • He was born in Israel and is passionate about cooking healthy versions of cuisines found in the Middle East, Mediterranean and California.

  • His love of cooking is inspired by his father’s love of cooking. He grew up learning about the importance of spices like cumin, za’atar and turmeric.

  • Has an array of latke recipes that are not traditional. He makes beet latkes with an orange blossom labneh, carrot latkes with green tahina, zucchini latkes with tomato jam, parsnip latkes with a turmeric onion jam and sweet potato latkes with apple butter and a fresh apple salad.

  • He loves to convert people who “don’t like vegetables” with his delicious and flavorful plant based dishes.

  • Wants to compete to show people that Hanukkah dishes can be healthy, innovative and delicious!