Natural Swimming Pool


Pool Owner: Alayna and Tony

Pool Designer/Builder: Don Goldstone Of Ultimate Water Creations

Location: Los Gatos, CA


·      Fish, plants and moss living in the pool

·      Natural river gorge style pool

·      Biological trough making the pool chemical free

·      Natural, real water that humans can drink!

·      Rock waterfall

·      Ability to have two temperatures in the same pool at two different levels

·      Swim jet for exercise

·      Hot tub with it’s own separate, chemical free treatment system


Alayna and Tony wanted a pool that was unlike any other they had ever seen. The couple wanted something that looked like it was naturally on the property rather than man-made, so they set out to make their dream a reality.  They consulted with a biologist on every step of the project and even took hikes into nature to observe things like water flow and plant growth to be able to accurately plan their pool. The couple are eco-conscious and wanted to make sure their pool was chemical free so it could support fish and plant life. They have a biological trough that serves as a natural purification system. Additionally, the pool has the ability to have two different temperatures on different levels of the pool. The bottom can be colder to support the fish lie whereas the top can be warmer to be more comfortable for humans. Their favorite features of the pool are the lake front entrance, swim jet for exercise and the “hot rock waterfall.” A place in the rock where hot water trickles down heating the rock, making for a cozy place to lie and relax. Alayna and Tony love that their pool is a living habitat and they often add new plants and fish making it an ever-changing project. The greatest compliment you can give Alayna and Tony is to ask them how they bought a house with a natural pond!