Natural Arch Hidden Lagoon


Pool Designer/Builder: Joe DiPaulo, Stone Mason of Spring

Location: Fort Worth, Texas


  • Dual lagoon style pools with a hidden lagoon area-made from natural elements

  • A swim-through natural cave system that leads to a hidden lagoon

  • Over 150 tons of rocks and boulders used in the creation of the pool

  • 40 ft sunken bar, complete with full kitchen

  • Lake view negative edge

  • Substantial stone work with arches, stone bridges and swim through cave tunnels 

  • Stone enclosed waterslides 

  • Private spa made of stone with natural waterfall for ultimate relaxation 

  • Two massive, natural stone caves


Not only did master natural stone mason Joe DiPaulo make an incredibly large outdoor pool, he also made a massive mountain and cave system that separates the main pool from a second pool and hidden lagoon area. All from real rocks. Pushing the envelope of size and space, this pool has well over six figures of boulders that create this show-stopping backyard paradise. This pool is one of Joe’s favorite projects. It is a massive, dual level pool and Joe’s signature stone work is prominent in the stone and water arches. Using all natural stone, the arches use only rebar and steel beams to hold the massive boulders in place. The main pool area measures approximately 100ft x 30ft. The side of the main pool is a large cave system with two large stone arches that visitors swim through in order to enter a hidden lagoon with slides and caves. Or visitors can also explore caves inside the mountain arch area, winding and curving their way to the lagoon area itself. Joe is a master of using natural elements to create a fantasy-like natural landscape that inspires whimsy and magic. It’s like exploring your own real, tropical island! The two caves with swim through tunnels are a favorite of the client because the work feels like it has always been there, naturally occurring on the existing landscape.


Away from the adventure of the main pool, hidden in its own lush garden is a private spa. Carefully crafted from stone the spa features a private, quiet sanctuary-like feel. It’s complete with its own waterfall cascading into the spa. Joe landscapes all of his projects and one of his tricks is to make sure that the exposed stone mimics stone in the wild that is covered in greenery. Joe is selective about the projects he will work on and he will only work with clients who are willing to go on the journey towards his vision. Joe is an artist, so tradition and convention are the last thing on his mind when he’s creating a work of natural art.