Modern Desert Oasis


Pool Designer/Builder: Marv and Ben Howell, California Pools

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


  • Modern, linear design pool with negative edge design

  • Wet decks and dry decks for sunbathing and visual aesethics

  • Sculpted granite sunbathing chairs

  • White glass tile in the pool and spa  

  • Every room on the first level can access the pool

  • 2400 square foot pool with over 44,000 gallons of water

  • Multiple fire pits and a rooftop deck for entertaining

  • Full kitchen and bar

  • Won the Gold National APSP Award from The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals


The Modern Desert Oasis is a one-of-a-kind pool that seamlessly fits into the modern aesthetic of the home. This pool features wet deck walk ways with water elements that blur the line between a swimming pool and an outdoor patio floor. Is it part of the floor or is it part of the pool? The walking areas create visual interest as they place water where visitors would normally expect a floor to be. Coupled with modern furniture elements and concrete stepping pads, navigating this modern pools feels like relaxing in an ultra-chic, angular painting. The minimalist and beautifully executed design and detail make for a luxurious pool that’s a far cry from a traditional, backyard rectangle.


Perched on a hill outside of Las Vegas this property was recently completed and is in escrow for over $6 million dollars. The warm weather in Las Vegas draws people outdoors, so the developer knew that an unbelievable pool would be a major selling point. The pool is the focus point of the ultra-modern home and the floor to ceiling, sliding windows all open up to access the pool. The wet deck in the pool was carefully planned for guests to be able to keep cool in the Las Vegas heat while laying out in the custom granite chairs placed on the deck. The developer planned to create several seating areas so guests could enjoy their time out of the pool. The pool is an expansive 2,400 square foot layout and has over 44,000 gallons of water. Marv and Ben Howell spent a lot of time planning each aspect of the project, down to nozzles and accents to make sure that they would get the perfect, minimalistic design. A rooftop entertaining space was included in the design of the house as well as pods of fire pits with seating surrounding the pool. The impressive size of the pool and the clean and minimalistic design earned Marv and Ben Howell a prestigious, Gold National APSP award. Along with the developer, they are so happy with the finished pool and the space they created. The pool perfectly frames the view of the Ventana Golf Course and the crisp design adds to the view and doesn’t distract from the surrounding beauty of the green grass and mountains.