Miriam & Michelle


Miriam (30) & Michelle (30)

Miami, Florida

“The Double Dose Twins”

Miriam and Michelle can’t walk down the street without stopping traffic. Their 36-inch bust, 22-inch waist and 46-inch booty measurements get them a lot of attention on the streets and from their 1.4 million followers on Instagram. The twins turned their obsession with each other and looking alike into a business. The duo lives in Miami and enjoy spending time out showing off their famous curves at the beach. Luckily the great weather means they can wear next to nothing, so it’s always “suns out buns out” weather.

Michelle and Miriam are obsessed with being exactly the same. They were put in separate classes at school but reunited at college to study to become medical technicians. They hired a private chef to make their meals and serve them exactly the same food, down to the exact portion! The twins have a trainer to make sure that they are working out with the same moves and number of repetitions to ensure they look the same. They claim to do 2,000 squats a day to maintain their 46 inch booties! Their trainer has them work out up to 8 hours a day to maintain their curves. The sisters live next door to each other and both work for a Miami plastic surgeon. Since they were kids, looking alike has always been a priority for them. They have boosted their busts from a B-cup to a D-cup with $5,000 matching breast implants.

The twins have built an empire on looking the same. They get booked to do appearances, photoshoots and developed a work-out program for their fans to purchase. Outside of their business, the twins have always felt comfort in looking the same. “We have the same hobbies and if one of us gets something for their house, the other has to as well. We actually lived together until last year but now we’re just neighbors. We still spend nights at each other’s house every other day but if one gets on the other’s nerves we can just tell them to go home.”

Miriam and Michelle works as medical technicians in a plastic surgeons’ office and they pride themselves on only having had breast augmentation surgeries. People assume that they have had a “Brazilian Butt Lift” surgery, but they insist that their impressive posteriors were made in the gym, not by injections. 

What people do not see is that behind the scenes, Michelle and Miriam are mothers to teenage girls and they take their roles as mothers and role models very seriously. They do their best to show their girls the importance of hard work and family values, but they fear that their sexy online personas and lifestyle will make their message to their daughters hard to receive. Their daughters know nothing of their mother’s online persona. Miriam and Michelle wear baggy, unflattering clothing around their children and their children’s friends. They don’t even let their daughters wear skirts that come past their knees!

The next year is going to be focused on making sure their family is on solid ground and finding their perfect home. The twins are shopping for a house together so they can raise their children together and make sure their daughters have plenty of exposure to the right kind of values They need a house with dual master bedrooms and they won’t settle for anything less! Additionally, they would love to find love in their lives but find it to be difficult because of their looks and how much time they spend with each other. Michelle is adamant that she won’t date anyone who is attracted to her sister, which proves to be difficult because they are identical twins. The twins are 1/2 white and 1/2 black. They have never met their Haitian father and they recently located him and are putting together plans to meet him for the first time. The twins want to step away from the world of online-exposure and focus on a real-career and family. Will they be able to find jobs in the real-world, as well as loving, real relationships with men who love the, “real” double dose twins?