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Michele Lando (28)

Upland, CA

Entrepreneur/Resume Writing Expert

·      Her earliest memories are of her mom and grandmother cooking! She begged her grandmother for a KitchenAid mixer for her 10th birthday and has used it daily for the past 18 years!

·      Brands herself as "the group mom" in her friend circle. She loves cooking and caring for people. 

·      She is a "brisket master" and loves to prepare it slathered in tomatoes and carmelized onions. She also makes a killer roasted chicken and uses the schmaltz as the base for her matzo ball soup. 

·      Her boyfriend is Cuban and she loves to blend their cultures through food. One of her favorite "fusions" is her guava filled Sufganiyot. 

·      She doesn't see cooking as a science, but as an act of love - she is an expert at improvising in the kitchen and cooking with what's on hand!

·      Loves Food Network and watches daily! She is excited to participate in a show that is going to share her culture and traditions with the viewers!