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Michael Pershes (49)

Beverly Hills, CA

Real Estate Developer

  • Michael is a creative thinker who is obsessed with art and architecture and loves to apply the principles of each into his cooking and presentation.

  • Growing up on the Jersey Shore, he learned to cook with his parents. They were frequent hosts to Shabbat and holiday dinners. Michael loved to help plan and print out menus for their gatherings.

  • He won a challah competition and says that he makes the best challah in town.

  • Specializes in brisket, schnitzel, and the perfect kosher beef bacon.

  • He loves to bake and make bread pudding, hamentaschen for Purim and sufganiyot donuts with fresh, homemade filling.

  • Wants to compete for his adopted son, Jonathan, who is always encouraging him to enter competitions for cooking.