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Melissa Wilkenfeld (38)

Sherman Oaks, CA

Stay At Home Mom 

·      Has a blog, the Little Kosher Lunch, that features kosher lunch ideas for other moms to get inspiration for fun, healthy and kosher ideas for their kids lunchboxes. Also has a YouTube channel for cooking tutorials!

·      She is famous for her Hamentaschen cookies! She baked 2,000 cookies for her temple's Purim carnival and they sold out! 

·      In college, Melissa was an intern at Bon Appetit Magazine and assisted the photo editor at the magazine. 

·      Hosts parties for the holidays for her "Wandering Jews", a group of people that don't have their family close by and loves her "Latke Schmooze" parties, there is rarely an empty seat at her parties! 

·      Loves to cook for her daughters (ages 2 and 5) and her husband. She is implementing Jewish tradition in her family through food.

·      Hanukkah is the most memorable holiday for her! She loves that it is 8 nights, so family can spend many nights together and there is so much amazing food!