Modern & Rustic


Pool Designer/Builder: Rick Chafey, Build Red Rock

Location: Gilbert, AZ


  • Rustic and modern hybrid pool

  • 6k square foot man-cave complete with battling cage, hot rod garage and gym

  • Rustic features including: rust covered beams, rusty windmill, repurposed wood and old nails, aged fixtures with their own patina, exposed concrete structures

  • Over 2k sq ft of hand laid blue glass tile

  • Recessed swim up bar with in pool and out of pool seating

  • 3 raised limestone deck for guest seating

  • Splash pad with heated water supply

  • Full kitchen complete with a full bar, bbq and oven

  • 3 waterfalls

Rick Chafey and his company handled the home and backyard rebuild for their client, a professional baseball player. The property is located off of the beaten path and the backyard opens up to a field and cow pasture. Rick and his team wanted to create a place where rustic meets modern, perfectly blending the two styles into one place. The pool has a modern shape but includes rustic accents such as repurposed metal and steal, rusted fixtures, and even off the side of the pool stands an old windmill that overlooks the property. The client wanted to incorporate features like a batting cage, hot rod garage, gym and space for RV storage. After completing the 6,000 sqft rustic ranch/man-cave with modern features, Rick and his team moved to the started to design a custom pool that would fit the space of the backyard perfectly. From the great room in the main house, the doors open up to a cube water feature made of bronze and glass. The water flows from this fountain feature into a series of two inch tiled-canals that flows directly into the pool itself. The pool has over 2k square feet of custom made blue glass tiles, each laid by hand to fit precisely without having to make any cuts. It’s one of the most expensive and temperamental materials to work with, and it is usually frowned upon by pool designers because of the inconvenience and cost. However, the result is an incredibly rich and vibrant spectrum of shining colors and varied looks.


The swim up bar features reclaimed, rusted beams as foot-rails combined with a transparent acrylic panel that creates a perfect look through from the bar to the pool! It creates a unique and modern amenity not found on most pools. The full kitchen is outfitted with a bbq and oven, perfect for backyard parties. The three raised limestone decks provide guests the perfect seating area to enjoy the pool. There is a splash pad with a hot water supply and 3 waterfalls throughout the expansive pool. This modern rustic pool is a work of art unto itself.