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Mother: Mary (55)

Daughter: Brittani (19)

Jensen Beach, Florida

 “Mother Dearest”

Mary always dreamed of having a gorgeous little girl that she could dress up just like a little doll.  When Brittani was born, Mary got her wish and groomed her daughter into a pageant star and child model.  With Mary guiding her, Brittani was the embodiment of everything beautiful and perfect until she was diagnosed with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), a condition that caused her to start puberty at the tender age of 5.  Now, people were not noticing Brittany because she was perfect, but because of her imperfections.

Brittani’s condition was very hard on mother and daughter, and as a result they became an inseparable duo.  Everyone in their orbit is affected by their extreme closeness.  Mary’s partner, Frank is annoyed that Mary would rather sleep in bed with Brittani than him. Kimberly, Mary’s friend, worries that Brittani has few friends except for Mary, however, Brittani does have her eye on a special fellow at her school.   Felicia, Brittani’s older sister, feels she never got the attention that Brittani does. Mary continues to work alongside Frank at his tailor shop, so there is a chance the ice could melt.  But Brittani insists on working there too, just to keep an eye on things.

By 6th grade, Brittani was almost 200 pounds.  As soon as Brittani turned 18, Mary arranged for Brittani to have gastric bypass surgery.  Brittani’s weight loss has given them a new lease on life.  They are hopeful for the future as Brittani’s weight loss is just the beginning of a new journey for Mary and Brittani!

Potential Storylines:

My Chaperone

Brittani, a virgin, does not feel comfortable going on a date unless her mother tags along.  Brittani admits that it turns a lot of guys off, but doesn’t care.  Mary will stop at nothing to keep her daughter safe, even going as far as performing background checks on any potential suitors.  Will Brittani ever get tired of dating with her mother?  Will Brittani lose her virginity?

Once a Cheater….

Mary’s long-term boyfriend Frank betrayed her trust and Mary has been keeping him at arm’s length.  Brittani has never liked Frank and is thrilled that she finally has her mother all to herself again.  But Frank is not giving up that easily.  Will there be an all-out war between Brittani and Frank for Mary’s attention? 

Officer Brittani

Brittani is scheduled to graduate from the police academy in December.  How will Mary deal with her daughter having such a dangerous career?

Mommy/Daughter Makeovers

Mary is no stranger to plastic surgery and she feels that a few more procedures might help lift Brittani’s self-esteem.  Mother and daughter have big plans - they want to get tummy tucks together, breast augmentations and Brazilian Butt Lifts!  Once they have achieved their perfect bodies, what will they do?  Will they be tempted to re-enter the pageant life, but this time as mother and daughter?

Sister Sister

Brittani’s sister, Felicia is having a hard time.  She lives in Indiana with her 7 kids, and a string of failed relationships.  Mary has asked Felicia to consider moving closer to them.  Felicia is hesitant because she has always been jealous of her mother’s close relationship with her sister.  Will Mary and Brittani stop smothering for long enough to help Felicia?


  • Shower together - They don’t feel truly clean unless they wash each other’s backs.

  • Hair -  Mary considers herself personally responsible for the care and maintenance of Brittani’s hair.  She almost exclusively washes her and brushes her daughter’s hair.

  • Colon cleanse - The duo partakes in regular colon cleanses.  They want to make sure they are beautiful inside and out!

  • Sleeping together - They love to snuggle, and Mary doesn’t think twice about kicking Frank out of bed to sleep next to her daughter.