MARLA (45)



Marla and Eddie have known each other for 27 years. They met when they were teenagers and started dating, went to prom together and after they found out Marla was pregnant, Eddie and proposed over the radio using their favorite Madonna song! Marla and Eddie were married for eight years and had a picture perfect life. They had two children together, daughter, Ronnie (23) and son, Eddie Jr (18)., Everything was going so well until Marla walked in on Eddie having sex with a man! Marla’s mom tried to warn her that Eddie was gay, but Marla didn’t believe her. She was devastated, and the two continued to live together. Marla eventually came to terms with his sexuality and now they are the best of friends and co-parents.                                             

Marla went on to meet David, her gorgeous, bald husband and they have been together married for 14 years. David is very different from Eddie. He’s an amateur body-builder and plumber by trade. Marla and Eddie's extremely close relationship has always made David feel left out and at times, insecure. Especially because Marla’s family loves Eddie and they know him better than David. In turn, David feels like Marla thinks of him as a "consolation prize," because she can't have Eddie. Ronnie and Eddie Jr. also have a hard time with the huge difference between David's strict rules and Eddie's fun, dancing, "anything goes," households.

Eddie spent much of his time after his divorce and "coming out of closet" as an opportunity to work on himself and figure out what he wanted from life. After discovering his passion for beauty, he went to cosmetology school and is now a hair stylist. Eddie is a hairstylist and does Marla’s hair every three weeks. While she’s in his chair, they are transported back to when they are teenagers and the two gossip and laugh for hours.

Eddie Jr. is eighteen years old and is also gay. He looks up to his father as a role model and a mentor on how to live life. Ronnie is married to a man in the military who is deployed often, and she feels alone and isolated much of the time, while she is taking care of their young daughter. Ronnie wants a breast augmentation but she’s insecure about telling her dad, but she confides in Marla about getting the procedure.

Eddie is married to Nicholas; the couple has been married for years. Marla even planned their wedding! Marla and Nicholas get along, but he thinks she oversteps her boundaries and that she calls and texts Eddie too much. Nicholas and David have a lot in common when it comes to feeling like the 3rd and 4th wheel in Eddie and Marla's relationship. 

Marla and Eddie are taking their entire family on a vacation to the Bahamas in May...minus David. David can't get enough time off of work, but that won't stop Marla from going to a romantic beach destination with her ex where they will be enjoying drinks and dancing for days on end!  Eddie and Marla are struggling with balancing their friendship, their marriages while still being parents to children who are still finding their way in the world.