Marissa is a psychic medium who has an, "out of this world" connection with her ex-boyfriend, Chris! Marissa met Chris in 2006 and they dated for three years. They were drawn to each other's passions for the metaphysical, playing pranks, and for enjoying and exploring life together. Because they were so close with Marissa’s family, when they broke up, they held a family meeting to announce their separation. Although they are no longer dating, their friendship over the past decade is proof that these two are soulmates, just not the "romantic kind.”

Chris has been there for Marissa during difficult times. Marissa is a mom to her six-year-old daughter named Maine. When she was going through a difficult separation with Maine’s father, it was Chris who helped her navigate that breakup. Chris has been a fixture in Maine's life, as well as a major part of Marissa’s family life.

Marissa’s mother, Marlene is a HUGE fan of Chris’. She loves him like a son. She worships and dotes on him and calls him her, “angel.” Chris absolutely adores the attention from Marlene, or as they affectionately refer to her as the “Warden.” She earned the nickname because of her militant seriousness. Chris is the only person who can make Marlene break a smile, convince her to lighten up and see reason when things get tense. He’s the golden child and son she never had.  

Chris is not in a relationship and in point of fact has no other friends that he is as close with as Marissa. He is even involved in her psychic business. If he does happen to date someone he has to let that person know that he is indeed best friends with his ex. Moreover, anyone Chris dates has to be approved of by Marissa.

Alex is Marissa’s current boyfriend and the couple has been together for four and half years. He’s a bassist in a band and he was an atheist when they met. However, since he started dating a medium he now feels he too has powers of intuition. Marissa is nine years older than him and after her previous relationship with Maine's father, she wasn't looking to get back into a relationship. Marissa and Alex are currently in a "long distance relationship." He lives in New Jersey and she lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania. They are living separately because they want to buy a house and move in together, however they’ve had trouble finding the perfect home. Additionally, Marissa insists on finding a house with "good energy" and no spirits. Not a joke.

Additionally, Marissa lost her father in the past year and couldn’t leave her mom living on her own, so despite her reservations, she moved back home. Marissa struggles with living with Marlene because they have unresolved family issues and they fight constantly. Marlene and Marissa have even recently been in therapy to mend their mother/daughter relationship. Today it’s rocky at best. 

Marissa is actually adopted. She reconnected with her biological father and mother in her twenties and she currently has four half siblings who also live in Scranton. She has close relationships with these siblings as well. Her biological mother is no longer alive, but her biological father is. This may be part of her unresolved issues with her adopted mother Marlene.

Alex makes the trek to see Marissa every weekend, but since Marissa lives with her mom, their weekends are far from romantic. They have zero space and alone time. Marlene and Alex do not get along, they bicker and have a passive aggressive relationship. Marlene's love for Chris, "the golden boy", only causes tension in Alex and Marissa's relationship.

Marissa has a difficult time with the idea of marriage because of her parent’s bad relationship and with her own poor past relationship with Maine’s father. What she doesn’t know is that Alex has secretly purchased a wedding ring and is waiting to propose. He says that he intuited from a voice that came to him while cooking that he should propose to Marissa…

Alex is unsure if he wants Chris involved in the wedding, and certainly doesn’t like him around his future mother-in-law all the time. Alex doesn’t like Chris constantly laughing with his girlfriend and giving input in matters such as choosing a home and how Marissa should parent Maine. Between family issues with Marlene, a potential wedding, and a major move--having Chris involved in their lives will only complicate and exacerbate a ticking time bomb. Can Alex and Marissa’s love transcend her EX, or will her current relationship blow up in her face?