Mallory & Malaena


Mallory & Malaena

Age: 29

Comanche, Texas

Mallory and Malaena are firecracker, red-headed twin-sisters of rural, Comanche, Texas. Known throughout their tiny town (population 4,200) the girls are fixtures of their community. They’re easily recognized by their blazing red hair and their infectious laughter. They live next door to each other and they both work together at the Doctors Medical Center. Mallory is a nurse and Malaena is a scribe for one of the resident physicians. They’ve been inseparable since birth and have always lived in their rural, country oasis where hunting, fishing, church and a local watering hole dominate the social scene.


Mallory had her first daughter when she was only nineteen years old. Her mother didn’t approve of the pregnancy and kicked her out of the house. The father, not wanting to take part in the pregnancy or relationship, left Mallory and his daughter to be. It was a dark, isolating and traumatic time for Mallory. However, Malaena was always there offering love, support and stability during this difficult and stressful point in her life. Together, they raised Mallory’s daughter Zaylee. Flash forward to now, Malaena has a nine-year-old son, Jace, who she shares custody of.


Although they each have children from previous relationships, issues of men and marriage have always been fraught with peril for the sisters. They’ve always dated the wrong types of guys or the men have never been able to understand and accept their close-knit relationship. However, Mallory thinks that she has finally met her forever person: Jason. The two met online and started a long-distance courtship. Jason is retired military and not too long after they started talking, he and his thirteen-year-old daughter, Nia, moved in with Mallory and her daughter. The couple has been together for nearly two years and all is going exceedingly well. So well in fact that Mallory has discovered that she is pregnant! It’s exciting and joyous news for the couple-but for Malaena and Mallory it will invariably impact their relationship.


Malaena wants to be in there for her sister’s pregnancy for every step of the way, but Mallory wants Justin to be that person in her life. Jason wants to marry Mallory and one day have a house of their own. Will Mallory and Jason’s new baby push-out Malaena from the relationship with her sister? Will Jason and Mallory get married in the next six months, leaving Malaena more time to reflect upon her own life and her single-status? And will Jason and Mallory end-up moving away in a house all on their own—and will Mallory inevitably follow her sister or find and follow her own path?