“Make Me a Resort!”


Pool Owner: Matt & Cindy

Pool Designer/Builder: Dan Ramos- Distinguished Pools

Location: Poway, CA


·      Project Cost: $750,000

·      Award Pebble Technologies, “World’s Greatest Pool”

·      Two different matching spas that sit directly across from one another in the pool

·      Floating sunken living area complete with fire-pit and water features

·      Swim-up bar that connects to sunken kitchen complete with three refrigerators, kegerator, and a pizza oven

·      Cave-grotto with built in seating for up to 16 people!

·      Water-slide with waterfall bridge

·      Celestial lighting kit displays a “star-like” lighting effect on the pool’s floor


Matt and Cindy lived for most of their adult lives in Denver, Colorado. Matt worked predominately from his basement home-office for many years. Needless to say that family endured multiple dreary winters and bone-chilling temperatures. One day, they decided that they would do a 180 degree turns and trade snow for sunshine. Clad is aloha shirts, the family set out to, “Make Me A Resort!” They wanted as many amenities as possible, all while encompassing the atmosphere and ease of a tropical resort. From choosing just the right shade of glass pebble to pouring over dozens of palm tree varieties, every detail was deliberately decided on. Although this is a magnificent pool, it wasn’t easy to build! Sewage and plumping issues on the property made it time-consuming and expensive. It also took three different cranes to life and plant the massive palm-trees that give the pool it’s tropical feel. Despite the difficulty, the family loves their pool. So much so, that they keep it heated to 92 degrees 365 days a year! It takes five heaters to make this happen. The dual spas has it’s own body of water and it’s own plumbing and heating system- so the pool essentially has three different systems that all work together. The home itself is roughly 15,000sqft and the pool is 92ftx35ft long and roughly 12ft deep in it’s deepest area. The pool also has a 16ftx16ft cave, that features built in subwoofers with 16 speakers and 24 light. Outside the cave is the celestial lighting kit that makes the floor of the cave light up light stars in the night sky. The slide features a waterfall bridge that sprays the passenger while using the slide. Visitors are in awe of Mike and Cindy’s pool. When they see their guests reaction, they know that they’ve made their resort-pool dreams come true!