Lisa & Marissa


Lisa (30) & Marisa (31)

Lisa- Nashville, TN + Marisa- The Villages, FL

“The Three Musketeers”

Marisa is currently living with her mother, Patty, in a 55 and older retirement community in The Villages, Florida where she works in the leasing office. Lisa is a living a carefree single existence in Nashville, TN. After her much anticipated divorce Marisa is ready to trade in shuffle-board and bingo for a pair of cowboy boots and join her sister in the South. It’s been over five years since the sisters have been lived together, but because of Marisa’s new-found single-hood the gals are going to be re-united!

Marisa’s ex-husband was jealous of her extremely close relationship with her sister. It was an unhappy and unhealthy relationship that didn’t supply Marisa with the joy and romance that she yearned for. Marisa is happy that the marriage chapter is closing in her life and she is excited to be joining Lisa in “Nash-Vegas” where they will be able to “live their best lives” as single sisters. Marisa is feeling “boy crazy” and she is ready to hit the bars with her sister and kiss a lot of toads. Lisa is excited to have a “partner-in-crime” to commiserate with about the crazy world of dating. The sisters are going to turn heads wherever they go —a gorgeous blonde and stunning brunette are sure to get a lot of attention when they are barhopping together! 

The girls mother, Patty, is “jealous” that they will be reuniting in Nashville. Patty never adjusted to being separated from the girl’s father. She has never dated or been with another man since him. Therefore, her daughter’s have been her entire life and form of family. Wherever the daughters go, she goes. Not, just because she loves them, but it’s what she has and knows as family and companionship. Now that she is facing not living near either Lisa or Marisa, she is contemplating packing her bags and moving to Nashville to be near her daughters so “The Three Musketeers” can be reunited. She feels left out that her daughters will be reunited and starting a new exciting chapter without her.  Patty has always had an extremely close relationship with her daughters and says she will try to move into the same apartment building as Marisa and Lisa. The girl’s aren’t so sure, but they wouldn’t mind mom being in the same city, just maybe not the same block!

Lisa just started a new job at a digital marketing agency and she is hopeful that it will be an enjoyable career for her. She feels like she hasn’t really found her footing since graduating from college and is ready to settle in to a position and be able to grow and succeed within the company. Lisa is a hopeless romantic and wants to find the real-life equivalent of Chris Hemsworth meets Tom Brady. Marisa and Lisa know that her love-standards are unrealistic. She desperately wants to meet a man who can help her live the stay at home mom/wife role that she was born to play. Problem is no man is ever good enough. But that doesn’t stop her from looking!

Marisa will be starting a new job when she moves to Nashville and she is already worried about the transition. In her current role, Marisa is struggling with finding her “work/life balance” because she lives where she works. She wants to make sure that she will be able to balance her job and be able to enjoy with Lisa living in a new city. 

Although they think it’s going to be sunshine and rainbows, time will tell if these adult sisters will be happy living together. The sisters have differing opinions and lifestyles, so this reunion will be a true test of their bond. Marisa and Lisa are about to start a new chapter in the same city and they are excited to leave “FaceTime” behind and have some real face to face time.