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Best Friends
Salt Lake City, Utah


Sean and Myra are best friends and real estate partners who have a one-of-a-kind, “finish each other’s sentences,” type of relationship. They met three years ago while working at the same brokerage and decided to partner up. Soon after it was “work-husband” and “work-wife.” His strengths are her weaknesses and vice-versa. Myra is compassionate and operates very much in the moment whether it’s designing, planning a renovation, or connecting with a client. Sean, on the other hand, is high-energy, is constantly juggling a dozen irons in the air and is always asking “what’s next?”

Myra owned several restaurants prior to a real estate career. With her experience in the culinary world, high-end, bespoke customer service comes naturally. Myra works tirelessly behind the scenes to present the image of a seamless and effortless home-sale. Myra has received multiple awards in excellence and sales in the past three years and has sold close to 80 homes between $180k to over $1mil. She’s shoveled driveways, hired dog walkers, and even pulled weeds in order to get a home ready for a showing. In addition, she’s constantly researching the latest home styles to ensure that what potential buyers are seeing on places like Pinterest, Instagram, and Zillow are also in the homes that she is trying to sell.


Sean has been awarded “Top Producer in the State of Utah” in CCIM & Board of Realtor Platinum Hall of fame. He has sold over $150 million in real estate and sells between $20-35 Million per year. He's also worked with homes starting as low as $50k. Sean used to work for a developer in flipping homes so he knows the ins and outs when it comes to fixes and upgrades. He also used to work at a creative advertising and marketing firm, which developed his key skill of target marketing. Sean starts his home-selling process by trying to get in the mindset of his potential homebuyers. Who are our possible buyers to be? What do they eat? Where do they shop? What are their habits? By understanding his clients inside and out, Sean is able to directly and creatively market to his target demographic. He’s wrapped cars, hired waffle trucks, and networked at pumpkin patches. Even if it seems zany, ridiculous, or off-the-wall, there’s a method to his madness.

Sean and Myra are savvy professionals who have worked in cutthroat conditions with millions of dollars in sales behind their back. They’re extremely resourceful, creative, and talented. They are so evenly matched, it’d be difficult to even venture a guess as to who might win a head-to-head realtor test. Where Myra is incredibly likable, smart, makes a quick connection; Sean is charismatic, motivated, and has the ability to draw in an audience. Either way, it’d be an entertaining, jaw dropping and an awe inspiring opportunity to witness these two pros up against one another.