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Wife & Husband
Morristown, New Jersey


John and Michelle are a married power couple and owners to one of New Jersey’s most successful real estate brokerages, “Signature Realty,” which employs nearly 80 agents. They are both “Type A,” leader-of-the-pack personalities, which makes them an all-star team, but also leads to some headstrong standoffs. Since they are each successful and sought-after realtors, speakers, and property professionals, they’ve developed quite a healthy confidence and aren’t afraid to let it be known! Beyond running a successful business together, John and Michelle also invest their own time and money into building and flipping custom homes. Even on their days off, John and Michelle are scouring neighborhoods for their next home project. They are all real estate, all the time.

Michelle is a tenacious, ambitious go-getter with a seemingly unending amount of hustle. She has been crowned the “Barbara Corcoran of New Jersey” by Bella Magazine, named one of the “100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents” nationwide, listed as a “40 Under 40 Award Winner” by the NJ BIZ 2016, and is “Top 1%” of all agents nationwide. Personally, she has sold over 2,000 homes and sells over 150 homes per year, averaging in price between $200k-$3m. Michelle also has her hands in the design process. She has a unique ability to see the diamond in the rough and knows how to upgrade those diamonds to be worth even more.


Michelle is technically CEO, but John is the unsung hero behind the scenes. As president of the company, John works under the radar studying and analyzing market research to his advantage. John is gifted with a savvy brain that tracks numbers, consumer reports, and property analysis. He’s also an incredibly out-of-the-box creative when it comes to his marketing campaigns. He loves to throw mega-open houses with themed parties; he’s even made billboards that go on trucks around the city and hired local buses to take potential buyers on tours of the neighborhoods. You name, he’ll do it! John buys and sells around twenty-five homes per year with a $10 million per year average.

Michelle and John are both self-made entrepreneurs who paid their “real-estate dues” prior to meeting one another. Together, they know real estate inside and out and are at the top of their game. It’s not just a job for them; it’s their calling and a lifestyle. With all their time spent working, the two have created a real and palpable rivalry. Michelle describes the sale of a home euphoric, a feeling that she lives for. Even though they’re married, they won’t stop until they’ve done everything in their power to come out ahead and on top.