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Best Friends
Cleveland, Ohio


David and C.J. have been best friends since they were seven years old. Growing up, the two were inseparable! David even had a drawer for his things at C.J.’s house. Now, they’re business partners who have grown one of Cleveland’s top producing teams selling over 100 homes per year with a goal to sell over 1,000 homes in five years.  They have won “Top Team for Units” at Keller Williams Greater Cleveland, “Top Real Estate Video Influencer” and C.J. is currently up for the title of “Cleveland’s Top Real Estate Agent” by Cleveland Magazine. They’re the dynamic best friend real estate duo that’s quickly garnering a local celeb status in their hometown.


As a former college football player who was just shy of going pro, competition and hustle are in C.J.’s DNA. He’s worked in real estate from the ground-up, starting his career by flipping homes with his father. He then moved into buying and selling homes which ultimately landed C.J. at one of Cleveland’s top brokerages. Now, as an independent, C.J. prides himself on his un-relentless, brass-tacks approach to the selling of a home. He’s methodical, driven, no-nonsense, and an extreme “let’s get it done now” type of person. His strengths are negotiations, high-energy and incredible work ethic. His bottom line is to successfully deliver to all of his clients.

David was raised on a farm with four siblings and had his own landscaping business prior to becoming a realtor. His work in the field showed he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. Literally. David was awarded a “Multimillion-Dollar Producer” for three years in a row and in 2017 was awarded “Outstanding Team Agent” by Keller Williams. David uses his gift-of-gab, his audacious and larger than life personality to network and connect with potential clients. David views the buying and selling of a home as an emotional journey, one that needs to be tended to at every step of the way. He believes that his relationships are what truly sets him apart from other realtors. Everyone from the contractors, to the sellers, to the potential homebuyers want to work with David.  

Even though they started as best buds, they’re willing to put the boxing gloves on and go into the proverbial real estate ring. C.J.’s experience, through a multitude of failures and successes, has prepared him for just about every hypothetical scenario. David is incredibly likable and uses his charisma to make deals with people quickly and efficiently. It’s anyone games if these two are in the ring.