Lakefront Helipad Paradise


Pool Owner: Susan and Steven Crowder  

Pool Designer/Builder: Rodney Allison, Allison Pools

Location: Denison, TX


·     Helipad

·      Two-level pool connected by waterslide

·      Lakefront, negative edge pool

·      Freeform glass guardrail providing safety and unobstructed views

·      Waterfall with stone and moss rock boulders

·      Stone on Waterfall: C&L Natural Stone Pointed Desert Chop Stone

·      Grotto, Beach entry, Tanning ledge & Spa

·      Pool Size: 68’ x 44'

·      Gallons: 63,500

·      Fire pots

·      Outdoor kitchen weather proofed by “Phantom Screens”

·      In-pool volleyball net

The Crowder’s have an incredible multilevel pool set on a hillside that overlooks the local lake. Using glass, locally sourced stone, fire and beautiful tile-work, this is an inspiring pool, perfect for a party. Steve is an aspiring helicopter pilot and is planning to be able to land and take off with his helicopter using the nearby helipad--just a stones throw from the pool! The family is divided on if that’s too dangerous or too extravagant a feature!


After all of their kids settled in Dallas, Steve and Susan wanted to have a second home closer to their children to spend time together on weekends and holidays. When they bought the house the pool was an Olympic sized, rectangular swimming pool. Not the ideal pool for playing and relaxing. Rodney of Allison pools come out to take a look at a crack in the pool and they came up with an idea to start from scratch and build a dream pool the entire Crowder family would enjoy. The pool is two pools connected by a thrilling waterslide. The upper pool is meant for sunbathing and has a shallow end intended for their small grandchildren, and the lower pool is meant for swimming. At almost 50 feet long, the lower pool is perfect for swimming laps. Susan and Steven love the full outdoor kitchen, TV, fire pots and the Turkish travertine and boulder coping. When you want to cool off, simply retire to the outdoor kitchen that boasts motorized retractable screens that appear at the touch of a button and disappear when you don’t need them. Perfect for indoor and outdoor living spaces, these custom made screens control the climate of the kitchen. Whether it’s the heat of the summer or it’s the middle of the winter, you can enjoy the outdoor kitchen space comfortably.


The lower pools boasts a grotto perfect for escaping a hot Texas sun as well as a volley ball net where Crowder family games get super heated. The pool is not only beautiful to look at, but it offers fun features for the entire family.