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Mother: Katrina (Age 48)
Daughter: Jasmine (Age 25)

Denver, CO

The Dancers

Hailing from the Mile High City are mother and daughter dancer/choreographer duo, Katrina and Jasmine. Together they run a dance academy where they teach ballet, burlesque, hip hop and contemporary dance. Interestingly enough they are known for their feet! They have incredibly flexible, durable and strong feet that make them incredible dancers. But in order to keep their feet in tip-top shape they have to stretch them every morning during intense stretching rituals. They must stretch and dance every day, without fail—always together, whether they are dancing or not!

As a single mom, Katrina often brought Jasmine with her to a local dance studio where she worked at the time. Having spent so much time at the dance studio and around other dancers, Jasmine discovered that she too had a passion for dance. This strengthened the bond between her and her mom, and the two have been attached at the hip ever since.    

However, their close bond hasn’t come without critics. They come from a very “by the book” and conventional family, where pursuing a career in dance is frowned upon. Katrina is used to being the black sheep of the family, but now with Jasmine, she has a sidekick and someone to follow-in her unconventional footsteps. It also doesn’t help that their career in dance hasn’t been as financially rewarding as their other relatives who’ve all taken more traditional career paths. They’re constantly being looked down upon, because they’re always having to be bailed out of situations by their relatives. However, Katrina and Jasmine don’t let that bother them; they love what they do and they say they’re happy with the lives they’ve chosen.

The drama doesn’t stop there. Katrina also has a 9-year old son, and she doesn’t see eye-to-eye with his father. Katrina is very liberal and carefree, while her son’s father is conservative and more uptight. This is the cause of constant friction, and the two are always bumping heads about how to raise their son. Katrina says she also uses dance to alleviate the stress of having to deal with her son’s father.

Aside from dance, another thing this mother and daughter have in common is working out. They typically work out 4 hours a day, and their friends and family worry that they’re becoming too thin. But like everything else, Katrina and Jasmine pay them no mind; in fact, Jasmine calls them “haters.”

Katrina and Jasmine have struggled, scarified and worked tirelessly to establish their reputation as dancer/choreographers. Despite years of monastic dedication they haven’t yet been able to bring their business to the next level and earn the money and respect that they feel that they deserve. Their family is sick of bailing them out and doesn’t know how much longer they’ll tolerate their carefree lifestyle.


·      They have “the most famous feet in Denver,” so they exercise and massage their feet together

·      They stretch each other every morning without fail

·      They workout and/or dance together every day – sometimes for up to 4 hours

·      They do their own spiritual cleansing rituals using tarot cards, a pendulum and sage every day

·      They both wake up at 3AM and crave peanut butter, often at the same exact time

·      They operate their dance company together on a daily basis, so they rehearse, dance, choreograph and plan a business together


·      Katrina and Jasmine are struggling to pursue their passion while financially supporting themselves..