KAITLYN (36) & MARK (35)

Home: 1937 Tudor

 Home Address: 19135 Warrington Drive, Detroit, MI, 48221

Layout: 4 Bedrooms, 2 ½ Baths

Square Footage: 3,600 sq. ft.

Approximate Budget: $50,000



1. Family Room

2. Study

3. 1st Floor Bathroom

  • Kaitlyn and Mark are an active, outdoorsy married couple and parents of their adorable toddler, Vincent (17 months,) and their pet dog, Foxy.

  • Kaitlyn and Mark, both natives of the area, are passionate about the revival of Detroit, and that means preserving older houses. Kaitlyn is a realtor in the area and Mark is a clinical pharmacist. When they first toured their home they immediately fell in love and made an offer. Kaitlyn loves the large scale of the rooms and is looking forward to entertaining their entire family and friends for holidays and get-togethers.

  • The home unfortunately hasn’t been renovated since the 1960s is a dismal combination of 1930’s and 1960’s styles.

  • Kaitlyn and Mark purchased the home in May 2019. Six weeks after moving in a tree fell into their family room, breaking windows, destroying part of their roof, and damaging their pool. Their hopes to renovate their home were delayed while they made the necessary repairs. Unfortunately, it impacted their budget, and made renovating the family room even more difficult to do. It was a major blow for the young family.  

  • Family Room – Mark loves the exposed Douglas Fir beams and can see the true potential of the space. It is a grand 25 x 35 room and its Kaitlyn’s favorite room in the house. However, there are major echoes of the 1960’s in the room: The parquet floors are in desperate need of restoring and their 20-foot natural fireplace needs a major facelift!

  • Study- The study needs all new paneling to update the space. Kaitlyn also thinks the space needs new windows to let the light into the room. It feels stuck in a different decade and not in a good way!

  • 1st Floor Bathroom- All of the bathrooms in the house have teal and pink tile. There’s even wallpaper that looks like it’s a print of “Man of La Mancha/Don Quixote,” it’s not quite their style to say the least…  Mark can’t wait to have all of the bathrooms redone, but for now, he wants to update the bathroom on the first floor that their guests will use when they entertain.

  • Mark and Kaitlyn have invested a lot of time and money into their home, that they hope to be their forever home. While simultaneously trying to renovate, while holding two professional careers and caring for a young child, it’s all too much for them. The incident of the tree was the tipping point that made them realize that they need help if they’re ever going to get their historic home restored.

  • They need Nicole’s professional input in order to truly respect and restore the historic features of their home and to make their house livable at the same time.