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Judi­­­­ Leib (56)
West Hills, CA
Cooking Teacher

  • She’s the youngest of six children. Since her mother was always busy taking care of the six of them, she didn’t have time to do anything other than care for them and go to work. Because of this, Judi says she learned how to cook from her grandmother, who used recipes that had been passed down for generations.

  • Her brisket, noodle kugel, and carrot soufflé are her most popular dishes amongst her friends. Her noodle kugel is so good that her brother-in-law tells her that it could easily be featured in a food magazine.

  • Her favorite pastime is to go out and recreate restaurant recipes.

  • When teaching, she tries to make her lessons as easy to understand as possible. She’s made it her mission to stop people from being intimidated by the kitchen.

  • Hanukkah is extremely special for, because she’s created theme nights to do with her friends and family. Each of the 8 days is a different theme. For instance, one night might be family arts & crafts, while another might be kids’ choice for dinner.