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John Palmer (53)

Studio City, CA

Executive Chef at Western Kosher

·      John was born in Italy and his family moved back to the United States and settled in the Oceanside area of Southern California. 

·      Though he is experienced in various cuisines, John married a Jewish woman in 2010 and his love affair with Jewish cuisine began.

·      Currently works at a Kosher deli and restaurant, they also do large catering orders that provides meals for local temples for their Shabbat and Kiddush festivities!

·      Has experience being creative and cooking within kosher food guidelines - which is hard because his Italian side wants to mix meat and cheese.

·      His specialty is his BBQ brisket donut! It is shredded brisket stuffed in a donut, like a jelly filling and topped with a BBQ honey glaze.

·      He wants to show his family that he can "rock" Jewish cuisine and win the big prize!