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Jeffrey Gabel (30)

Boston, MA

Customer Advocacy Manager

·      Founder of Kitchen Kibitz, a pop-up dining experienced focused around reimagined modern Jewish cuisine. This concept earned him a spot on the Zagat 30 under 30 list in 2014. 

·      Developed an affinity for Asian cuisine and loves to make Asian/Jewish fusion dishes. 

·      He's a newlywed who can't wait to go on his honeymoon in October. He made her his famous Filipino style Kugel made with jackfruit, coconut and pandan on their second date - it sealed the deal! 

·      His specialty is "Latke Pa Jeon", Southeast Asian style Latkes make with lemongrass, ginger, green garlic and a spicy aioli. His Moroccan Sjenj donuts are a sticky fritter with a preserved lemon vanilla dipping sauce.

·      Loves to experiment in the kitchen. Finds the adventure of making a new dish to be exhilarating! 

·      He wants to show people that Jewish cuisine is so much more than year round matzah, latkes and jarred fish, it’s an exciting cuisine that everyone should love!